We take the stress out of moving!

Christina & Co to the Rescue is a licensed and insured, full service, senior transition company dedicated to helping our clients with the emotional and physical aspects associated with moving, downsizing, organizing and bereavement dispersal.



Our goal is to help you transition to your new home with little to no stress! From packing to  overseeing the entire move process, we have you covered!


The thought of sorting decades of belongings can feel overwhelming…let us help you address and manage your downsizing & organizing projects! Whether you are looking to resell, donate and/or ship unwanted items to loved ones, we are here to help!

Estate Sales/Liquidation

Do you need to liquidate the contents of an estate? Christina & Co To The Rescue is here to help! Our estate dispersal and estate sales services are designed to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.

Who benefits from our service?

  •       SENIORS:  Who want a trained professional to help plan their move, handle the details and avoid costly mistakes.
  •       ADULT CHILDREN AND FAMILY MEMBERS:   Who want a stress free transition for their parents/loved ones and a worry-free transition for themselves. 
  •       OUT OF TOWN & BUSY FAMILIES:   Who want a trusted local point of contact to assist their loved one with the personal care and attention they would provide. 
  •       SENIOR LIVING COMMUNITIES:   Who understand how our services significantly reduce transition trauma by helping new residents manage the moving and settling-in details.
  •       ESTATE ATTORNEYS AND TRUST ADVISORS:   Who want efficient estate dispersal and liquidation services as well as a trusted resource to help their clients with the details associated with moving.
  •       REALTORS:  Who want home staging, clean-out services and transition assistance for their client so they can focus on the sale of the residence. 

Knowing that To The Rescue is going to quickly and professionally handle things for me each week has been a lifesaver.


Expert Support for Major Life Transitions!

Here at Christina & Co To The Rescue we know what needs to be done and we want to help because, helping people is our superpower!

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